1. El Burrito Khalo in La Florida, Alicante City
  2. El Rey in Altea, Alicante Province
  3. Abuelita Mexicana in Alicante City
  4. Chili Room in Alicante City
  5. El Mexicano in Alicante City
  6. La Calaca Mexicana in Alicante City
  7. La Taquería in San Juan/ Alicante City
  8. Azteca in Elche, Alicante Province
  9. Jalisco in Elche, Alicante Province
  10. Mexical in Benidorm, Alicante Province
  11. El Asador in Finestraat, Alicante Province
  12. La Catrina in Villajoyosa, Alicante Province
About the Author Klaudia

Hey, I'm Klaudia the founder of Explore Alicante. In 2020 I fell in love with the Costa Blanca region and spontaneously moved to Alicante city. Since then I've been exploring the area and kept falling in love more and more with the place.

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